This business with residence allows you to enjoy living in the Kimberley, near the Coast while earning an income.

The property size is approx 221 acres (89.5 hectares) and features a comfortable 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom air-conditioned residence.  With warm weather all year round in Derby you will enjoy the 5m wide insulated verandahs adjacent to the below ground swimming pool.  There are also 2 large sheds, one with large cool room and the other with ablution and laundry facilities.

The business is licensed to irrigate with a 363,000Kl annual water license and supplies roll-on turf, hay, fill sand and water to landscape contractors, construction sites, mine campsites and civil works in the Kimberley.  The property has been used for cattle fattening, has 60 head cattle yards with crush and loading ramp and would be an ideal location for a livestock holding depot. Crops in the internal fields are protected by wallaby proof fencing.

This business is now sold.

For more information on the sale of this business or to discuss selling your own business please contact Wayne Cooper on 0407 997 777 or 08 9586 3509 or email

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